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February 10 2013


Edu 301

Edu301 - I believe an effective teacher can reach all students as all students are capable of learning. Students should be seen as individuals with a curiosity that can enable them to participate in the classroom by sharing and gaining knowledge together as a group or even individually.

Edu 301 - Educators should act as a guide for students by teaching them the skills that they need to problem solve as well as teaching them the social skills needed for effective communication and to work productively in teams with others. It is imperative that students have the academic and social skills to be a productive member of society. Parents, families, and the communities need to collaborate for a greater future for our students through education.
Edu390 - The purpose of education is to generate a curiosity and interest in the students to push them to engage in their learning and therefore to be successful in their lives. The role of the teacher is to guide that curiosity towards new knowledge. To do this, the teacher must be able to combine the real world with the required content of the curriculum. Students need to have personal meaning for what they are exploring to support problem-based learning. By making the material meaningful, the learning will be more concrete and important to the students (Johnson, Musial, Hall, & Gollnick, 2011).
Edu 390 - Psychologist Jean Piaget, a constructivist, believes that knowledge grows “through the construction of progressively complex logical structures” (“Concept to Classroom”, n.d.). This growth starts with infancy and continues throughout their adult life. He saw the meaning-making process as that of actively reconstructing their existing understandings (Richardson, 1997).

Edu 301
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